Frequently Asked Questions

"Since the 1950’s Steraloids has been the go-to resource with libraries of relevant and rare steroids. We have been sourcing the research and scientific community for over 60 years.”

Q: Where is Steraloids located?
A: Our head office is located in Newport, Rhode Island, USA.   

Q: How can I receive a formal quote for the products I require?
A: Please contact us either via our website, telephone, email or fax with your requirements and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Q: What sizes do you have available for your products?
A: All Steraloids orders are customized to our clients requirements and weighed individually so you are able to order the amount you need. We do offer different price breaks for each of our products, meaning, for example, the higher the quantity ordered the cheaper it calculates per mg. 

Q: Do you ship your products internationally? 
A: Yes! We can ship all of the products we offer Worldwide using either our UPS courier account with an additional fee or using our customer’s own courier account (UPS, FedEx or DHL) if they prefer. 

Q: How can I place an order as a new customer?
A: First we would need to set you up an account in our system. As a new customer to Steraloids we would require full prepayment prior to your order being shipped. Once the pre-payment has been received your order would be processed for shipping. Prepayment can be made in a number of ways (International Wire Transfer, Money Order or Credit Card. We also accept domestic checks, please see below).

Q: How can I pay for my order?
A: We accept the payment methods below, additional handing fees may apply;
    Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard & American Express)
    Check (in USD drawn on a US bank)
    ACH Payment
    International Wire Transfer 
    International Money Order

Q: Do Steraloids offer a custom synthesis service?
A: Yes! We are able to work closely with our valued customers for all of their requirements. If there is a product you require and you cannot find it on our website do not hesitate to contact us and our chemists will asses your needs and determine the possibility of the production and costs involved. 

Q: How can I obtain a CoA and MSDS / SDS of the products I am ordering?
A: Here at Steraloids we include a copy of the CoA and MSDS for every product ordered when they are shipped out to our customers. If you do require an SDS please contact us either via email or telephone and we can arrange to have this sent to you. 

Q: What is the expiration of your products?
A: Steraloids products do not hold expiration dates. Most steroids, which do not need to be stored in the fridge or freezer, if stored in a closed container away from direct sunlight, excessive heat and moisture are stable for years. To confirm that the products have not changed in composition, one can visually inspect the material for discoloration and run a melting point check and a thin layer analysis every 3-5 years from the date detailed on the CoA. 

Q: How do I order a DEA controlled product from Steraloids?
A: If shipping domestically within the United States we would require a valid copy of your federal DEA license form 223 schedule 3N/4 on file before we could process the order for you. If shipping internationally we would require the below documentation;

1. A scanned import license OR letter of no objection (stating that this product is not controlled in your country) to be issued by your endusers government in the English language.
2. A letter of non re-export on your end users company letter head, also typed in the English language, stating that “This material will be used for scientific research only and will not be re-exported”. 

Once we receive these documents (which may be scanned in color and emailed to us) we will file with the American government and will be expected to obtain export clearance anytime within 15 days.